Organ Harvesters Not Welcome – Iran and Iraq reject Israel’s offer of aid for earthquake victims — The Ugly Truth

JTA – Israel offered humanitarian assistance to the victims of the earthquake that killed hundreds of people in Iran and Iraq but was turned down. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told American Jewish leaders gathered in Los Angeles that he was motivated to direct the aid by photographs of the devastation caused by Sunday’s magnitude […]

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8361b819d8de798de9c32c7fe544aefe.jpg“Mad as a hatter” In 18th and 19th century England mercury was used in the production of felt, which was used in the manufacturing of hats common of the time. People who worked in these hat factories were exposed daily to trace amounts of the metal, which accumulated within their bodies over time, causing some workers to develop dementia caused by mercury poisoning. Thus the phrase “Mad as a Hatter” became popular as a way to refer to someone who was perceived as insane.

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4 Clips: Legalised murder; blatant US election fraud; Hillary in cahoots with despots & so-called acts of terror are all false flag events. The common denominator – ZIONISTS!




Rule No 1 – Don’t just lie. Lie all the time & most crucially, make sure each & every lie is as far from the truth as possible.

IDF murderers
These execution shootings occur regular as clockwork, yet the harsh reality is the Palestinians are occupied by a foreign force that has no right being on it’s land. Every Palestinian is suffering terribly under this brutal Israeli occupation.
Ask yourself, would you be horrified if our history books stated that German soldiers were taking strategic positions in order to shoot dead any French citizen who just happened to be walking in the street when they occupied France in WW II? OF COURSE YOU WOULD!


Soon after the IDF murdered these two boys I put together a post which included the original CNN report. Initially I was surprised CNN even aired this but when I saw how Wolf Blitzer & an another professional liar had the nerve to do everything to exonerate the IDF by insisting there had to be legitimate reasons for killing these two boys, WITHOUT PRODUCING A SINGLE SHRED OF EVIDENCE TO BACK THIS BULLSHIT UP, I wanted to scream. What kind of a media is this? In front of our very eyes we see cold-blooded murder. How can anyone be idiot enough to believe this CNN crud?  



5 year old terrorist killed


Thanks to David Ballard for this caption – 


Legalised mass- murder


Yet even though the exact scenario is occurring in Palestine, not only is zero pressure being applied on Israel but cold-blooded murderers are to all intents & purposes getting away with committing capital crimes. This is all but legal in Israel. The only time Israeli citizens go to jail is when they kill another Israeli. It’s not almost as if Zionists think they have a right to kill whoever they want……. THEY ARE! Now, bear this in mind –



1) The bogus war on terror

2) Anti-terror laws

3) Hate speech laws


When laws don’t apply to all, there is no justice!


No hate here

4) Staying in the EU

5) The TTIP



Thanks to Richard Norwood for this caption – 


How to create terror


What else is occurring?

1) NATO aggression

2) Media incitement of Islamophobia

3) Media making people believe refugees are migrants

4) All blame heaped on Russia & China

5) Saudis being made the fall guys for 9/11

6) Soon to hit our screens – IRAN IS UP TO NO GOOD!

In other words, DIVIDE & CONQUER is, as I said the other day, in overdrive! Moreover, all this is being deliberately stoked up by media & politicians alike, all Zionist puppets, for the added purpose of taking our eye off the ball. In the meantime, while step after step is being taken to strip us of our fundamental rights, Zionists are busy rigging all our elections. Don’t believe me. Well, this guy sure sounds like an American patriot to me –



So, the long & the short of it is, our elections are being rigged just so the greatest criminals in history are able to do exactly what they want. Do not be fooled into thinking this does not include initiating WW III & bringing about the death of billions of human beings.


And look at who the Zionists are rigging the US Presidential election for? It gets no worse than this. It’s safe to say, no woman on the planet has committed more crimes than her. Hillary Clinton is evil through & through. What makes this a nightmare scenario is it’s obvious she’s chomping at the bit to go down in history. Kudos to Glenn Greenwald for explaining exactly how Hillary is as good as in bed with the world’s worst despots.



Finally, just to to put the icing on the cake, check out this RT clip with the great Max Keiser where for once the whole truth is told on TV about these so-called terrorist attacks. 4 years ago, when the Aurora shooting allegedly took place in a Colorado theater, I wrote a piece stating –







I qualified this by saying & I quote –
“9/11 effectively passed the point of no return. It could never become public knowledge Zionists were the real terrorists behind this heinous act for it wouldn’t just spell the end for the dual national Zionists but Israel too. Therefore, it’s a cast-iron certainty they’ll stop at nothing to ensure this does not happen. The only way to do this is by manufacturing events in order to create a constant climate of fear.
So, be prepared for an ever increasing number of mysterious events where the word terrorist will be attached quicker than a rat out of an aqueduct. The authorities will never have to answer as to why all this extra surveillance & spying did Jack to foil these attacks. No one will be held to account. No real evidence will ever be presented. Patsies will never have a chance to protest their innocence. There will be no trials. In short, no lie will be big enough for the media.”






For Zionists

DOCUMENTS: Disturbing Facts about ISIS Trade Sex Slavery in Turkey + VIDEO

ISIS Sex Slave Brokered in Turkey; Yazidis Are Not Only Victims of This Trade

VIDEO,DOCUMENTS: Disturbing Facts How ISIS Trade Sex Slavery in Turkey

VIDEO,DOCUMENTS: Disturbing Facts How ISIS Trade Sex Slavery in Turkey
ISIS has been generating millions of dollars through the sale of women and children abducted from the regions it has conquered. While the Yazidi slave trade is well publicized in the West, we also chillingly learned through our ISIS Defectors Interview Project, that ISIS has not only enslaved Yazidi women (who they claim as devil worshippers), but also women who were the wives and daughters of its so-called enemies—most of them Sunni Muslims, International Study for Extreme Violence reported.

Enslaving Sunni women directly contradicts their own fatwa on who can be enslaved, but ISIS is not known for being internally consistent in any case. One of ICSVE Syrian informants, a former Daesh guard and now defector, recently went into great detail about his work guarding hundreds of Yazidi and Sunni women doomed for systematic rape.

This week news broke in Turkey about a legal case resulting from Northern German Broadcasting (NDB) and Southwest Broadcasting (SWR) reporting last November that ISIS slave trade and brokers have been operating in Turkey adding huge sums of money to the ISIS coffers.

Last November, the German news outlets managed to film this illicit slave trade as it was secretly operating in Gaziantep, Turkey as well as make interviews with abducted women’s families and the middlemen in Turkey who helped broker the release of some of these women.

Gaziantep is a Turkish city of two million people in southern Turkey near the border with Syria having as its neighbors the Turkish cities of Sanliurfa and Kilis, cities where many ISIS (Islamic State , ISIS , ISIL IS and Daesh) members are have been very active in support in recent years for their terrorist activities.

Some ISIS members have even referenced Sanliurfa (Urfa) as a place for rest and relaxation when they chose to take a break from fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The German reporting featured the case of Hoda Alias and her three children who were abducted and enslaved during the Sinjar massacre of ISIS and were released in November 2015 through money paid to ISIS, via a middleman in Gaziantep. Hoda served over a year as a slave to ISIS terrorist, after which she with her three children, was put up for sale on an ISIS internet page with reference to her as “slave number twelve”.

Below is the picture of them featured on that web page. Her sale price was advertised on the webpage as eighteen thousand dollars. According to the NDR and the SWR, many Yazidi women were similarly sold through the Internet. (PHOTOS:

The middleman in this case, goes by the Arabic kunya of Abu Mital and is from Iraq.  He brokers trades for Yazidi families to buy their relatives back from the hands of the ISIS.  While he manages to rescue the enslaved family members, the money he collects directly supports and goes into the coffers of ISIS

In the German news video, he claims that he directly negotiates with ISIS via online chat rooms and WhatsApp.

In this case, to broker Hoda’s and her children’s release, Abu Mital was told by ISIS to go to Gaziantep so that he could purchase them. According to the German reporting, captured via a hidden video camera, Abu Mital met with ISIS brokers in Gaziantep and handed over money to them.

The building they entered looks like a regular office building from the outside. Inside, the ISIS slave dealers used cash counting machines to make sure the amount is correct. After the payment is received, the ISIS slave dealer called another in his network to arrange transfer of the money to ISIS. All this was carried out secretly in Gaziantep in Fall of 2015 without any interruptions.

In this case, Hoda—the enslaved woman, with her children aged two, four and eleven—were purchased and brokered by Abu Mital to hand them over to their family. The negotiation price for the woman was twenty thousand U.S. dollars and fifteen thousand dollars for the eleven-year-old boy. After the payment was made and carefully counted, release of Hoda (identified as number twelve slave) with her three children was arranged with Abu Mital being told that someone would call him for their delivery. When the family met with their relatives, the sad story did not end there. Hoda and her children learned that her husband, and their father, had been slaughtered by ISIS.

Although directly contributing to the financing of one of the most heinous terrorist groups in history and brokering for ISIS slaves, Abu Mital attempted to portray himself in a positive light—as the savior of Yazidi women, claiming he has managed to save over two hundred fifty Yazidi women from the hands of ISIS alone, paying over two and a half million dollars directly to the terrorist organization.

He also adds that he identifies the women through a special ISIS webpage, where the women are labeled by numbers and where their families could recognize their loved ones and arrange their purchase back from the brutal grip of ISIS.

ISIS is also known to have released an order in Iraq, which was found on an Emir who was killed there.  The order for the sale of slaves bore the stamp of the terrorist organization and was dated October 16, 2014.

The prices of women and girl slaves are arranged and grouped as from ages one to nine, ten to twenty, twenty to thirty, thirty to four and forty to fifty. This document also specifies that slaves who do not accept being sold are ordered to be killed.

This echoes our ISIS Defectors Interviews Project data in which we also were told the sex slaves had their children taken from them—including breastfeeding babies—and were faced with execution unless they succumbed to becoming the objects of systematic rape.

After the German video aired on the German TV channels on Nov 30, 2015, the Gaziantep Bar Association made a complaint to the Turkish justice system though the Gaziantep Prosecutor’s Office.

After the complaint, the Turkish National Police raided the office featured in the news video. During the raid, the police confiscated over three hundred seventy thousand dollars, many foreign passports, and around two thousand pages of cash receipts indicating various cash transfers between Turkey and Syria.

Six suspects were arrested and charged with being members of a terrorist organization, financing a terrorist organization, and human trafficking. The first trial was held on December 31, 2015. The suspects denied the allegations and claimed that they were basically transferring regular Syrian people’s money to Syria via a fixed commission, as the banking system is currently collapsed in Syria.

The second trial was held January 15, 2016. Based on the verdict of the court, all the suspects were released due to inefficient evidence. However, the above receipts were translated into Turkish and handed over to the court on January 27, 2016, clearly indicating that on several occasions large sums of money was transferred routinely and no one had bothered to wait for the translations of the receipts to arrive to the court before the final verdict.


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Monsanto Proposes to Change Its Name to Escape Its PR Woes

Is Monsanto trying to escape its ugly history by ditching its name? A proposed merger with Syngenta suggests a new name for the combined biotech companies to reflect its “unique global nature.” Just another PR ploy.

Documents released today by Syngenta include a letter from Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant to Syngenta, suggesting as a part of a corporate merger that, “We would also propose a new name for the combined company to reflect its unique global nature.”

“Monsanto wants to escape its ugly history by ditching its name,” said Gary Ruskin, co-director of U.S. Right to Know, a consumer group. “This shows how desperate Monsanto is to escape criticism: of its products, which raise environmental and health concerns, as well as concerns about corporate control of agriculture and our food system.”

In a 2014 Harris Poll gauging the reputations of major corporations, Monsanto’s “reputation quotient” ranked 58 out of 60 companies. In other words, it was the third most hated company measured.

“Monsanto is much like Philip Morris when it changed its name to Altria,” Ruskin said. “Monsanto wants us to forget about its old scandals like PCBs and Agent Orange, as well as the serious questions swirling around Roundup and GMOs.”

U.S. Right to Know is a new nonprofit food organization that investigates and reports on what food companies don’t want us to know. In January, U.S. Right to Know released a report, titled Seedy Business, on the agrichemical and food industries’ PR campaign to defend GMOs. For more information about U.S. Right to Know, please see our website at



Bio: Gary Ruskin is executive director and co-founder of Commercial Alert, a nonprofit organization that protects children and communities from commercialism. Commercial Alert’s mission is to keep the commercial culture within its proper sphere, and to prevent it from exploiting children or subverting the higher values of family, community, environmental integrity and democracy. Ruskin is an expert on commercialism in schools, government and culture, and the effects of advertising on children and public health. He has written widely on these issues, and is quoted regularly in major newspapers across the country, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal. He has appeared dozens of times on TV news programs on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and CNN. Since 1993, Ruskin has also directed the Congressional Accountability Project, which opposes corruption in the U. S. Congress. He has testified before congressional committees regarding issues such as congressional ethics, reducing corruption in Congress, and the proper compensation levels for top government officials. Ruskin received his undergraduate degree in religion from Carleton College, and a graduate degree in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

The Mormon Church and Vaccines: A Letter to the First Presidency

silent wars of weaponized bacterials, - virusses


Posted by: TLB Staff

TLB Preface:

We at TLB lay no claim to any specific religion or creed. This project consists of individuals from across the globe including just about all ethnic groups, beliefs and political persuasions. We are of the mindset that diabolical and tyrannical issues are suffered by all of humanity, and that humanity must unite in body, mind and spirit to overcome them.

What we present here is an outstanding and well referenced discussion on the topic of vaccines. The initial commentary is concise and well thought out and the attached notes are a cornucopia of information.

If you are not a person of faith, or are not one who thinks of the LDS in a positive light, we ask you to read and consider with an open mind, the vaccine and human rights information presented on its own valuable merit.

Please read on …

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Scars of Gaza by Raffoul, illustrated by posters of many painters

Promising Peace and Democracy.......

Published on 14 Aug 2014
Raffoul, rap singer from Jerusalem, sings Scars of Gaza introduced by Dr Dahlia Wasfi. The slide show is illustrated with posters in support of Gaza by many painters: Greer Valley, Sam Kerson, Michael Thompson, Hosni Radwan, Don Nash, Hafez Omar, Micah Bazant, Farah Filistin, Jesus Barraza, Lee Robison, Radit Juli, Ricardo Levins Moales, Waleed Idrees, Yibna. The cover painting is by Ricardo Levins Morales. Slide show by Eitan Altman

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Forbidden Gates: The Nephilim Spirit Behind Transhumanism!

Socio-Economics History Blog

  • This is an excellent article by Dr. Tom Horn and his wife on the history behind the current trends in the re-engineering of man into Neo Adam. This is the transhumanist dream but in reality is the nightmare of Genesis 6, the antediluvian world. A world of corrupt cross breeding of species and Neo Nephilim Adam is no longer human.
  • The secret government has been engaging in cross species cloning experiments for the past few decades. For eg. the Super Soldier program. They have been experimenting on genetics for re-engineering the human race as the next stage of human ‘devolution’. Life extension technology, cloning and many more high technologies have been kept from the public. There are talks of a life span of 120 years with a physical body of a 30-40 year old.
    English theologian George Hawkins Pember, in his 1876 masterpiece, Earth’s Earliest Ages, analyzed the prophecy of…

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Doug Riggs – nephilim mothers

ublished on 22 Dec 2012
The army of the antichrist and the mark of the beast

In Genisis 6, we read that the nephilim were in the earth when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and took for themselves wives. The earth had become very violent and because of this transgression and the resultant violence and pollution of human DNA, God destroyed men from the face of the earth – you know the story. Noah’s bloodline alone was found un-contaminated by the fallen ones. There was a second incursion later and the third and final was initiated in Nazi Germany with the idea of creating the “super race” and the thousand year rule of the Reich (Satan’s couterfiet of the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ).

The activities initiated in WWII by NAZI doctors in the death camps were not ended with the end of the war – they were exported to the United States and around the world. The occultic technologies developed during that period have been perfected and utilized to bring about the building of an army of super human beings, the creme of the crop being the antichrist himself. It is the belief of many and I believe as well that this manipulation at the DNA level is at the core of the dreaded mark of the beast – taking the mark will tranform humans into “gods” with angelic qualities, but they will be un-redeamable, destined for destruction along with the beast and the false prophe

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